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E-Commerce Worldwide

Retail e-commerce sales worldwide from 2014 to 2023. (in billion U.S. dollars)
The Ecommerce Market is HUGE!
Yet, it’s not as easy as it seems to make money!
For long term success, you need to focus on stores with $1M turnover,
but how do you know which to choose…
Introducing TCM
TCM is a data-driven E-Commerce Technology company with a $1.5B turnover expected by 2026.
Our Technology - Makes the Difference!
6 big data specialized technologies scan 40M data transactions a day to determine the best algorithmic solution.
TCM proprietary AI and Machine Learning technology eliminates the guesswork
by prioritizing the best $1M potential for acquisition with data-centric decision-making.
Maximizing Store Returns From A-Z!
  1. Big data acquisition to prioritize, analyse trends, recommend new products and pricing.
  2. AI management to predict demand, advanced analyst support, real-time arbitrage and automatic marketing guidance (AdVance)
  3. Machine-assisted sell-out to recommend selling price for assets based on sophisticated business intelligence
Digital Asset - Our Core Competencies!
Based on professional know-how and experience operating hundreds of successful online stores,
TCM has developed technological and procurement infrastructures to enhance e-commerce stores profitability including aspects of product sourcing, arbitrage, demand analysis and organic and PPC store promotion.
Our Successful Digital Real Estate Acquisitions in 2019!
Fitness Factor
TCM - Your Opportunity Join Us For Profits Today!
With TCM, you can have the opportunity to enjoy sustainable profits through the power of global e-commerce. Using our compelling business model, you gain continuous global success fueled by our proprietary AI, Big Data and Arbitrage technology. We’re already managing over 100 online stores on the leading ecommerce platforms. Join us for profits today! And let us lead you to success.